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    The Original Panama Hat has been importing Panama hats from Ecuador for more than 20 years. Each hat is finished off by hand, using the highest quality individually designed French ribbons.

    The legendary Ecuadorian Panama Hat first came to the attention of the world when workers building the Panama Canal wore them for protection against the Sun. From there, the Panama Hat was taken to Europe in the early 1900's where it immediately became a fashion sensation. The Prince of Wales wore one to the races, Van Gogh and Monet immortalised them.

    The Panama Hat does not come from Panama but from Ecuador, where it's still hand woven to-day after thousands of years by the Indians of that country, in the same traditional way as taught by one generation to the next.

    The hats are woven from natural fibre of a palm-like plant known as Paja Toquilla (or Carludovica Palmata). Grown only in two regions of Ecuador, and at altitudes of no more than 1,000 metres.

    Enjoy the luxury of a handwoven naturaly made Genuine Panama Hat from Ecuador.