Experience the exquisite comfort of Tradition Textiles' wool throws, intricately woven from the finest Australian Merino wool. These throws embody designs curated by Deborah Emmett of Tradition Textiles, resulting in a weave of the highest calibre.

    Merino wool throws are appreciated by a loyal following, who admire the finesse, warmth, and ethical production behind these remarkable textiles.

    The dimensions are 150cm x 225cm.

    ADDITIONAL DETAILS Deborah Emmett and Riyaz Hakim, the dynamic duo behind Tradition Textiles, split their time between Sydney, Australia, and Delhi, India.

    Deborah's creative pursuits each season are focused on using superior natural fibres, leading to new designs in partnership with artisans, each with a specialised technique in weaving, printing or embroidery. Australian Merino wool is transformed into scarves in Kashmir before journeying to their Delhi studio for the final touch of printing.