Di Cesare Designs

Art and engineering come together creating a fanciful and innovative series of designs drawing inspiration from forms found in nature.

Placing an emphasis on originality and quality to create an elegant and unique series of designs such as the Parashell Parasol, Sakura Parasol, Margarita Parasol, Pumpkinbrella, Cross Umbrella and Spiral Umbrella.

Sculptural accessories inspired by nature.

Canadian designer John DiCesare graduated from university, specializing in sculpture. He worked as an artist, foundry technician and art gallery administrator before turning his creativity to umbrellas and parasols around 20 years ago.

While pursuing his work as a sculptor, he conceived a nature series of fantastical umbrella and parasol designs. He founded the company DiCesare Designs over 10 years ago. DiCesare’s inspiration continues in his desire to produce new and distinctive designs.