Maya Neumann Travel Hats

Whether you’re an intrepid traveler, a stylish lover of the outdoors or someone who just wants a hat that’s near-impossible to destroy, the Maya Neumann Squash Hat is for you.  

Maya’s hats are made in Sydney from freshwater hyacinth, one of the world’s most robust straws and favoured by milliners for decades, despite its scarcity.

These hats love water. If you fold, squash or scrunch the hat up, you can simply wet it and mould it back to its original shape, or even give it a twist of your own! 

And they’re so hard-wearing, it’s not unusual for customers to come back to us with a hat that’s more than 10 years old.

No two hats are ever the same, as Maya finishes them by hand, mixes the colours herself and sources silks from across the globe. 

Maya has established ethical links with villages that produce the straw, with weavers taking up to a week on each hat. She ensures that the women practicing their traditional craft are given fair pay and working conditions. 

These are unique and hardwearing hats that will become part of your own adventure.