Bedhead Linen Hats

Our Beginnings
Having a very 'out-doorsie' little newborn boy who loved roaming around the neighbourhood in his pram, I desperately needed a hat. Searching high and low, I found that there was very little in the way of glare/sun protective hats for little babies. Surprisingly most hats for young children were not 'kiddie-friendly either. Heavy hot canvases, floppy brims in eyes, clashing prints and little to offer in practical sun protection made it understandable why little ones would keep ripping their hats off. Starting from this gap in the children's headwear market – bedhead was created!

Rachelle Ellis - Owner

What’s better than a beautifully shaped, non-floppy protective sun hat in coloured linen? How about two-in-one sun hats and the opportunity for matchy-matchy style with your mini me?