More about masks....

* Read more about the design of our masks in Our Story.

Their masks are easy to use. There's no need for additional filters. Our built-in chiffon layers provide electrostatic filtration for smaller particles.

Wearing your mask
Every face and head is different, so our masks come with two long ties made from soft t-shirt yarn, which give you flexibility in how you wear it. Experiment with ear loops or tied around your head to see which option you find comfiest and gives a good fit. If wearing glasses or sunglasses, you might find that tied around your head sits better, but if you want to put the mask on quickly, you might find the ear loops work better.

Please note: The t-shirt yarn we use is made from remnant fabric from the fashion industry. We love that it is a recycled product that reduces the number of fabric off-cuts headed for the landfill. Availability depends on the remnants produced, so colours and thicknesses can vary. Your mask may differ from the t-shirt yarn pictured.

Pattern with kind permission by the designer © Iris Luckhaus | | All rights reserved.


We have created some how-to videos to show you two ways you can wear your mask.

The first video shows how to tie the straps around your head, which is often comfier for longer periods. 

The second video shows how to make ear loops, which, once tied, is quicker to put on.

How you wear your mask is a personal preference, so experiment and see what works best for you.

Our masks will not stop you from getting COVID-19. They are a preventative measure to help reduce community transmission of the virus.